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"Dreams grow holy put in action; work grows fair through starry dreaming,

But where each flows on unmingling, both are fruitless and in vain."

Adelaide Anne Procter

Welcome contains the thoughts, musings and resume of Ben Gonshaw.  Ben is committed to furthering the scope of digital media.  He hopes to accelerate the process of bringing 'gaming' home to the masses, not by dumbing it down, but by creating intelligent content and themes that appeal to adults and not to adolescents.

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About Me

This quote to the left neatly sums me up. It is also the crux of good games design.  Do not rush in without a vision and start stringing mechanics together, and likewise, do not have your head in the clouds about what you can achieve,  you must be realistic about the budget, the technology and the time constraints.  If you do one or other of these things, you may end up with a game, but it will be unstructured and incoherent, unless you are very lucky.

Well, you can see that I have applied the philosophy to games design straight away, which I'm sure reveals something about me.  Otherwise though, the idea of striking a balance between thinker and doer is at the core of any person's life and certainly at the core of mine.

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Super Columbine Massacre RPG has been withdrawn from Slamdance, a prestiguous indy award. Why aren't games as acceptable as documentary style movie recreactions?
Microsoft may be entering the handheld gaming market, but how does its machine stack up?
The launch of the X-Box 360 was spectacular in gaming terms, but the public opinion was different. You know you've hit the mainstream when the same consumerist principals apply to buying a dishwasher as it does to buying a console.
There is a collection of concepts expanding so rapidly that there is no possibility of completing them in my lifetime. What games should we be focussing on making then?
Games for real people: Why can I easily find a movie to watch with my girlfriend, but not a single game?
Secret wish-list item turns to rampant speculation on the industy's most closely guarded secret: Nintendo's Revolution controller.
Recent brain scans show undeniable similarities between being violent and playing a violent game. Here's a scientific look at why Dr. Mathiak's conclusions could be very wrong.
Europe puts an end to crunch time.
Elixir Studio's closure triggers some thoughts about the future of innovation in the industry.
Machine Learning may have more to offer than emergence.
The long hours may be upsetting, but we can easily forget how good we have it in the games industry.

Is emergence a door to better games, or a fascinating technological dead end?
While ludology and narratology may not exist as real entities, there is one area in games where they come into conflict.
Games need to grow up, but it's too early for it to happen now.

The term 'gameplay' is restricting creativity and leading too many developers down paths well tread.
SPORE Ambitous, clever and full of potential, some screenshots and links to more info about Will Wright's Magnum Opus.
New Zelda movie shows a Lord of the Rings influence that permeates the game.
Innovative games to download is a great dream. Here we learn the lessons of one game that gets it very wrong.
Bills banning the sales of games to minors are springing up in many states. Here is one gamer who believes that this is a good thing.
It's not just commercial aspects that stand in the way of original games: How to stop originality from being innacessible.
Arty games are mostly awful, so what is so good about games as art anyway?
Realism is not fun, but it is cool to play in a realistic environment. There must be a way to balance the two out.
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