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13 Years Later

13 years ago I was a verbose game designer writing about the future of games.  Today I'm a super efficient UX guy who hatesd verbosity both.

So now I'm taking a look back at my crazy predictions to see which have come true, which have me in the LOLS for how wrong they were - and which I can shoot down for the heinous overuse of metaphors.

AR Gaming

Mixed Reality will change gaming forever
— 10th January 2005


Oh yeah!  Modesty out of the window.

I mostly nailed this one (even discounting Pokemon Go because the AR they use makes the game worse).

When I posted in 2005 there was a backpack that weighed upwards of 30 kilos with a PC in it and made you look like a complete idiot.


Now Augmented Reality is part of the OS on iPhoneX, Hololens and Tangos, with the mysterious vapour-wear Magic Leap about to materialise soon.*

If you're a gamer, you might have seen various handhelds doing all that AR using marker cards since about 2011.  Check out Sony's PSP and Vita doing it, and then the Nintendo DS.

 I'd say we've still got a year or so before the prediction plays out completely and another 4 until consumer wearables appear that are actually good enough. 

Once full on AR glasses/contact lenses/brain interfaces come out then we'll really be cooking.

Bonus LOLS from the original article when I explain that there'll be one device that combines your PDA with internet and a phone...  Imagine how excited I got about Google Glass.  Until I tried one.  It made me look like a complete idiot.  There's a picture of me in them that you're never going to see.


Happy is the post that turns out not to be completely full of BS.  Bonus points for using the word 'wearable' in 2005.  Negative points for not considering lag in the feedback loop.

Hololens came out and they made pretty much EXACTLY the 'duck hunt in the real world' game :)

I played RoboRaid in 2016.  There's a picture of me wearing a Hololens that you're never going to see.  You guessed it, it made me look like a complete idiot.  Seems like some things in tech don't change!


Misses?  Well, I pretty much ignore Moore's Law, thinking you'd need a beastly console to do all the heavy lifting and then stream the video to the HMD through WiFi and the tracking & interaction data back to the console.  That would be laggy AF and limit you to the WiFi's range.

*UPDATE 20th Dec '17:  Magic Leap now have a hardware announce.  Their glasses make you look like a complete idiot.

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