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b. 1986, HK.



BBC Worldwide
Virgin Sport
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I am a UX Director, Experience Lead and Game Designer, with a BSc. in AI & Psychology.  I focussed on making videogames for 11 years, before broadening into creating wider digital experiences.  I work full time at AKQA in London.

I stand with one foot deep in logic and flows, while the other is planted firmly in hyper-interactive executions from VR to AR and the edge of what's possible.

I bring strategic thought and a meticulous eye for detail to all my work.

I live in London with my wife and two children.  They constantly remind me to play with abandon and that I must question everything.

CV available upon request.

Key Skills

Key Skills

I intuitively understand extremely complex, multi-dimensional landscapes.  I then break them down for a team to work on, and set the direction to deliver simple solutions for the consumer, no matter how dauntingly convoluted the problem-space appears at first glance.

I'm at my happiest when I find new things to learn, during the times when I'm shown better ways of doing things, when I discover even more awesome ways to accomplish the best work I can.  The days that stand out are the ones where I've met super-smart people who expand my world.

Ben is one of those guys who you are immediately impressed [with] and intimidated by his wealth of knowledge, calm and clarity.
— Mike Yee Creative Director @ Sydney Institute of Design