Ben Gonshaw
Player / Coach
Experience Director
Ben Gonshaw
Player / Coach
Experience Director
Systems Thinking
Service Design
Behaviour Shaping
UX | EX | CX | MX
User Research
Cross-Channel Journey Mapping
Service Design
Wireframes and Prototypes
User Stories and Prioritisation
Cross Functional Collaboration
Multivariate Testing
Iterating and Refining
The things I think about
Be honest. We're both bored of portfolio sites.
You and I spend hours trawling through other people's work. I'll cut to the chase.
Quality in the details
I love getting into the fine detail to make things at the highest possible quality.

I'm fortunate to have won a Gold Cannes Lion for UX and to have been nominated three times for a BAFTA.
Steering the big idea
I ask why a lot. I'm not beguiled by tactical wins and cool features. I lead every project to point right at the big vision. I make sure that all the work ladders into it.

(I lied, I also love creating mindblowing features!)
Loving the collab
The best work happens when super-smart people all make it together. Big brains make big work, and diversity of thought brings whole new ways of seeing the solution. By obsessing together over how to make the best work there's no room left for egos.
Career snapshot
I've learned and practiced many things.
Big takeaway? Always communicate clearly and with purpose. Tailor your work to tell the right story to the C-Suite and at the right detail for the back-end devs. Clarity always wins.
AI & Psychology
5 years
BSc. in both.
I know how humans and computers think. I can shape both. I enjoy using those methods to build better products for real people.
10 years
Playful interfaces, rewards, behaviour building, touch, AR and VR all rock my world. My sweetspot is in the invention and careful balancing of complex systems, while harnessing emerging tech.
Experience Design
10 years
It's not just the design of great digital products, but how they fit into the bigger picture of the whole customer ecosystem. I shape how brands connect with people, so both can complete the things they need to do effortlessly.
My Work Happy Place
I've made videogames as a Lead Designer, created physical installations and e-commerce websites, led bluesky business invention and crafted video platforms.

Common threads run through everything I make.
Detail and
Creating elegant designs with meticulous attention to detail.
Beauty and
Matching beauty and functionality, scoped to a budget.
Business and Customer Needs
Serving the needs of the business and the users equally.
Technology and Magic
Bringing magic to the mundane - making tech so slick you don't notice it.
Get in touch
I love chatting to new people, about new things.
Blessed is the day when your work appears
on consecutive pages in Creative Review.